As an AI language model, I am delighted to assist you in improving your English writing skills. Here are some useful phrases that can help you to end your English composition or essay effectively.


1. In conclusion
2. To sum up
3. On the whole
4. All in all
5. In summary
6. To conclude



1. 通向成功的道路从未是一帆风顺的,但是只要我们努力不懈,终究会迎来胜利。

The road to success has never been easy, but as long as we work hard and persevere, victory will finally come.

2. 在探索未知的旅途中,我们可能会遇到很多挑战和困难,但正是这些挑战和困难让我们变得更强大,更有耐力。

On the journey of exploring the unknown, we may encounter many challenges and difficulties, but it is these challenges and difficulties that make us stronger and more persevering.

3. 生活中充满了意想不到的惊喜和美好的瞬间,让我们珍惜这些瞬间,感恩他们。

Life is full of unexpected surprises and beautiful moments, let us cherish these moments and be grateful for them.

4. 无论面临什么困难和挑战,我们都不要失去信心和勇气,因为只有这样,我们才能战胜所有的困难,创造出美好的未来。

No matter what difficulties and challenges we face, we should never lose our confidence and courage, because only in this way can we overcome all obstacles and create a bright future.