High school English essays often require the use of some common and versatile sentences. These sentences can help you to better express yourself and make your writing more cohesive. In this article, we will discuss some examples of these helpful phrases and provide translations to help you understand their meanings.

1. In my opinion,

This is a useful phrase to introduce your own thoughts or beliefs on the topic. It shows that you are expressing your own perspective rather than simply repeating what others have said.

2. From my perspective,

This is similar to the previous phrase, but emphasizes that this is how you see things, based on your own experiences and point of view.

3. On the other hand,

This transition phrase is useful when discussing contrasting viewpoints or ideas. It indicates that you are moving on from one point to another that may contradict or differ from the previous one.

4. As a result,

This phrase is used to introduce a consequence or conclusion. It explains that what follows is a direct result of what has been discussed previously.

5. In conclusion,

This phrase is used to summarize or bring the essay to a close. It is a useful way to review key ideas and bring everything together in a cohesive way.

6. Moreover,

This phrase is used to add additional information or arguments to support your point of view. It can be useful to strengthen your argument and demonstrate your knowledge on the topic.

7. In addition,

Similar to “moreover,” this phrase is used to introduce additional supporting details for your argument or position.

8. Nonetheless,

This phrase is used to acknowledge a potential weakness or counterargument to your perspective. It shows that you are aware of potential criticisms of your argument, but still believe your point of view is valid.

In conclusion, these are some of the most common and versatile phrases that can be used in high school English essays. Using these phrases can help you to better express your ideas, make your writing more cohesive, and ultimately improve your writing skills.