My Experience in Preparatory Unit of Grade 7 English

The Beginning

At the beginning of this year, I was so excited to start my English class in grade 7. I had been studying English for several years and eagerly looked forward to learning more in a more structured and challenging setting. As a student who is passionate about learning a new language, I felt very motivated to put my best foot forward in this class.

The Curriculum

The curriculum in the preparatory unit of grade 7 English was quite challenging. We started with the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. As we progressed, we learned how to read and interpret different types of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and poems. The teacher was very thorough in her explanations, and the assignments were designed to reinforce what we learned in class.

The Assignments

The assignments in the preparatory unit of grade 7 English were both interesting and challenging. We had to write essays, create presentations, and participate in group discussions. The group discussions were especially helpful as it allowed me to practice my speaking skills and exchange ideas with my classmates.

The Outcome

Overall, my experience in the preparatory unit of grade 7 English was very positive, and I learned a great deal. I feel more confident in my writing and speaking skills, and I am better equipped to read and interpret complex texts. The English class has also helped me to broaden my perspectives and interact more confidently with others in English.

In conclusion, the preparatory unit of grade 7 English has been a valuable learning experience for me, and I am eager to continue my English studies in the coming years.