My Experience in English Unit 7

Learning Vocabulary

Vocabulary is an essential part of learning a new language. In English Unit 7, we focused on expanding our vocabularies related to travel and transportation. I found the new words and phrases introduced in the unit to be very useful, especially when I plan to travel to an English-speaking country in the future. The various activities, such as word matching and crossword puzzles, helped me to remember the new words better.

Listening and Speaking

In Unit 7, we also worked on our listening and speaking skills. There were many listening exercises that helped me to improve my understanding of English speech. Speaking tasks were also assigned, which encouraged me to practice my pronunciation. I enjoyed the role-playing activities where we acted out scenarios related to travel, as it helped me to gain confidence in speaking English.


In the writing component of the unit, we learned how to write a travel guide. This was a new kind of writing for me, and I found it challenging but exciting. The teacher gave us a lot of tips on how to write a good travel guide, and we also had the chance to read and analyze real travel guides. I learned a lot about the structure and language used in travel guides, which I can use in my future writing.

Overall, English Unit 7 was a great learning experience for me. I learned new vocabulary, improved my listening and speaking skills, and gained knowledge in writing a travel guide. I look forward to continuing my English studies and applying what I learned in the future.