My Experience in Learning English

Starting Point

Before entering college, I had never studied English seriously. Although I learned a few basic words and phrases in middle school, my knowledge of English was very limited.


When I started my college English class, I faced many challenges. The most difficult part for me was speaking. I was very nervous and lacked confidence when speaking with my classmates or teacher. In addition, grammar was also a challenge for me. I always had trouble conjugating verbs and using prepositions correctly.


Despite the difficulties, I have made great progress in my English learning. With the help of my teacher and classmates, I gradually gained confidence in speaking. I also took advantage of online resources such as grammar websites and English conversation groups to improve my skills. Now, I can communicate with others in English more fluently, and I feel more confident when expressing myself in English.

Future Goals

My goal in learning English is not only to pass the exam, but also to use it in my future career. I plan to study abroad and work in an international company, so I need to have a strong command of English. I will continue to study and practice English, and I hope to become proficient in it in the near future.

In conclusion, my experience in learning English has been challenging, but also rewarding. I have learned that with persistence and hard work, I can make great progress in my language learning.