My Experience of Learning English in Eighth Grade – Unit 1 & 2

First Impressions

When I started learning English in the eighth grade, I was quite nervous. The language seemed so foreign to me, and I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up with the other students in my class. However, my teacher was very patient and encouraging, which helped to ease my worries. I soon realized that learning English could be fun and enjoyable.

Classroom Activities

We had a variety of activities in our English class that helped us to improve our language skills. These included group discussions, vocabulary games, and reading comprehension exercises. I found the vocabulary games particularly helpful, as they made learning new words fun and engaging.

Writing Practice

One of the areas I struggled with in English was writing. However, our teacher gave us plenty of opportunities to practice this skill. We wrote letters, essays, and even created our own short stories. It was challenging at times, but I felt proud when I saw my writing improve.

Final Thoughts

Looking back on my experience of learning English in the eighth grade, I can say that it was a positive and rewarding experience. I am grateful for the patience and support of my teacher, and I now feel more confident using English in my everyday life.