My Experience with Unit 7 of Three-Grade English

Loving English

English has always been an interesting subject for me, and unit 7 made it even more exciting with its various activities and exercises. I learned a lot of new words and expressions related to emotions, and it helped me improve my vocabulary.

Interactive Activities

One of the things I loved about this unit was the interactive activities. They were fun and engaging and helped me learn in an enjoyable way. I particularly enjoyed the role-playing activities where we got to act out different scenarios and express our emotions.

Cultural Connections

Another aspect of this unit that I appreciated was its cultural connections. We learned about different festivals and celebrations from around the world and how they are celebrated. It gave me a better understanding and appreciation of different cultures and their traditions.

Improving Skills

Through this unit, I was able to improve my listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The audio recordings and videos helped me improve my listening. The speaking exercises and role-playing activities helped me improve my speaking. The reading passages and comprehension questions helped me improve my reading. And, the writing prompts helped me improve my writing skills.


Overall, my experience with unit 7 of Three-Grade English was excellent. It helped me improve my English skills in an enjoyable and interactive way, and I learned a lot about emotions, cultures, and traditions. I am looking forward to learning more in the upcoming units of the course.