My Experience with the Four Directions Composition Unit


As a student, writing is essential to my academic growth, and the Four Directions Composition Unit has been incredibly beneficial to me.


When I first started this unit, I was unsure where to begin. However, the four directions method gave me a clear path to follow. I learned to start by gathering my thoughts, brainstorming, and gathering relevant information, which helped me develop a clearer understanding of the topic. I found that keeping the four directions – North, South, East and West in mind while researching, helps me to gather a wide range of information on the topic.


After I had gathered all of my information, the next step was to develop my writing. The Four Directions Composition method taught me to begin with a strong introduction, break my writing into separate paragraphs and end with a clear conclusion. By using the four directions in my writing, I was able to develop clear points and ensure I covered a wide range of related information.


The Four Directions Composition Unit has helped me to become a better writer, giving me the tools to produce well-researched and organized essays. Using the four directions has also given me a greater understanding of the topics I write about. I would recommend this method to any student looking to improve their writing skills and produce better quality, well-organized essays.