My Learning Journey in Unit 19

Expanding Vocabulary

During my learning journey in Unit 19, I have expanded my vocabulary in many ways. Using the online resources provided by the course, I have learned new words and phrases related to technology and innovation. Some of the new terms that I have learned include “artificial intelligence”, “machine learning”, and “Internet of Things”. Through the exercises and readings, I have been able to apply these new words and phrases in context, which has improved my understanding and retention of the vocabulary.

Improving Listening Skills

Another area of improvement during this unit has been my listening skills. The listening activities have challenged me to listen for specific information and details, which has helped me to better understand English spoken at a natural pace. Additionally, by listening to a variety of accents and speech patterns, I have become more comfortable identifying different English accents from around the world.

Enhancing Pronunciation

One aspect of my English language learning that I have always struggled with is pronunciation. However, during Unit 19, I have been able to use the online resources to focus on specific sounds and practice my pronunciation. By listening to audio clips and repeating them, I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to properly pronounce words that were previously difficult for me. This has given me more confidence while speaking English.


Overall, my learning journey in Unit 19 has been both challenging and rewarding. I have expanded my vocabulary, improved my listening skills, and enhanced my pronunciation. By applying these skills in my everyday life, I am confident that my English language proficiency will continue to improve.