My Reflections on English Book 3


English Book 3 was not an easy read for me. As an international student, I found myself struggling to understand the complex sentence structures and new vocabulary. I spent hours poring over each chapter, taking notes and looking up every unfamiliar word. It was a frustrating experience, but also a rewarding one. The process of learning a new language is never easy, but I found that the more I practiced, the easier it became.

New Vocabulary

One of the biggest challenges in English Book 3 was the new vocabulary. I was constantly encountering words that I had never seen before. There were times when I felt overwhelmed and discouraged, but I soon realized that the best way to approach this problem was to break the words down into smaller parts and try to find connections between them. I also used flashcards to help me memorize the words. This technique helped me to learn new vocabulary more quickly and efficiently.


Despite the challenges I faced, I found that reading English Book 3 had many benefits. Not only did it improve my understanding of English grammar and vocabulary, but it also introduced me to important literary works like Shakespeare’s plays and Wordsworth’s poems. I found myself appreciating the beauty of the language and the power of literature in a new way. I also gained a deeper insight into Western culture and history, which has broadened my perspective as an international student.


In conclusion, reading English Book 3 was a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. It helped me to improve my language skills and deepened my understanding of Western literature and culture. I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about learning English and wants to expand their knowledge of the language.