My Experience in Learning Unit 4 of English Compulsory Course 2

Reading and Writing Skills

As an English major student, I found Unit 4 of English Compulsory Course 2 very interesting and enlightening. In this unit, we mainly focused on reading and writing skills. Through reading and analyzing various types of texts, I have learned how to identify different text structures and how to use effective reading strategies. In addition, the unit taught me how to write a well-organized and cohesive essay, which is essential for my future academic studies and professional career.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Unit 4 also provided many opportunities for me to enhance my vocabulary, both in general English and academic English. By reading different types of texts, such as news articles, academic papers and literary works, I was able to learn and expand my vocabulary in context. The exercises and activities in the textbook and the online platform also helped me to practice and remember new words and expressions.

Group Discussion

Another important part of this unit was the group discussion. Through discussing various topics and exchanging ideas with my classmates, I have improved my communication skills and learned how to express my opinions clearly and logically. Moreover, the group discussion helped me to broaden my mind and see different perspectives on the same topic.

All in all, I have gained a lot from learning Unit 4 of English Compulsory Course 2, not only in terms of language skills but also in terms of critical thinking and personal growth. I look forward to applying what I have learned to my future studies and daily life.