Repetitive Reading of English Articles

The Benefits of Repetitive Reading

Repetitive reading of English articles can be an effective way to improve your language comprehension and reading skills. Reading the same text multiple times helps you to identify new words and phrases within the context of the article.

How to Practice Repetitive Reading

To practice repetitive reading, choose an English article that is appropriate for your skill level. Begin by reading through the article once, taking note of any words or phrases that are unfamiliar. Then, read through the article a second time, focusing on the new vocabulary you identified in the first reading. Repeat this process several times until you feel comfortable with the language in the article.

Tips for Successful Repetitive Reading

To make the most of your repetitive reading practice, try the following tips:

– Take notes on new vocabulary and review them regularly.
– Read at a comfortable pace and focus on comprehension.
– Practice reading aloud to improve pronunciation and fluency.
– Break up your reading practice into shorter sessions, rather than attempting to read the entire article in one sitting.


Repetitive reading can be a valuable tool in improving your English language skills. By focusing on a single article and repeatedly reading it, you can enhance your vocabulary, comprehension, and reading fluency. Incorporate this practice into your regular language learning routine for maximum benefit.